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Fizzy Orange

This Funto Orange premium E-Liquid is categorized in Fizzy series. Remain with the cooling 
for keeping you get fresh all day, combines with sweet and tangy luscious taste of orange aroma 
that all fruit loves will adore. Let’s get Dooze!!

Fizzy Orange

SKU: 0004
  • Hey DOOZE !! We are proud to present our premium E-liquid with the luscious flavours to the world. Dooze is dedicated to create and offer the highest best quality, mouth-watering juice for your vaping pleasure.

    A selection of freshly fruits recalls the tastes of natural fruits in every single bottle. As a result, this is us; this is DOOZE who delivers the perfect combination of fruits for refreshing you up all day. So let’s get DOOZE!

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