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Joel's Cheesecake

A homemade dessert flavor by Joel, the excellent balance of smooth creamy cheesecake and chocolate chip, butter and brown sugar is thrown into the mix. Finish with a top of caramel and pecans,allow you to get a great all-arounddessert flavor on the exhale. Let’s get Dooze !!

Joel's Cheesecake

SKU: 0005
  • Hey DOOZE !! We are proud to present our premium E-liquid with the luscious flavours to the world. Dooze is dedicated to create and offer the highest best quality, mouth-watering juice for your vaping pleasure.

    A selection of freshly fruits recalls the tastes of natural fruits in every single bottle. As a result, this is us; this is DOOZE who delivers the perfect combination of fruits for refreshing you up all day. So let’s get DOOZE!

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